Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Mini golf day

On  Monday  we  went  to the  Mini  Golf  it  was  fun  day. We   went  for  lunch  at  szimpla.
I   ate a  beef burger for  lunch . We  said  thank you to   Tash   for letting us  work, it  was awesome.

V8 Pukekohe

I saw V8 cars. It was noisy. We saw a car with Richards name on the side of it. I got a cool poster. It was such a fun day.

Te tuhi art center

 The other week we  went  to Te  Tuhi Art  Center . I made a cool  picture. We  were  given  plastic  sheets. I covered  it  in  black paint . On dry  paint  I  traced  around  a letter. With  a pencil .I also drew  waves.  I  used a nail to  scratch  off the black paint  so  you could  see my pattern.  I  had   to be  careful it took a long time.