Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Dress smart

Last week we went to Dress smart. We got  into groups and looked for clothes to try on. I tried  on an XL shirt. It fitted  me perfectly. I think I looked really cool in it. We took photos of each other wearing nice clothes. After we finished at Dress Smart we went to a park for lunch. We had fun chasing each other around.    

Super Bowl

On Wednesday we went to super Bowl and Laser strike in Panmure. We had  to wear special shoes were  slippery . I then chose a heavy gold bowling ball we  had to roll it straight to knock down the pins. I got 2 Strikes. I thought the bowling was fun. After bowling we had our morning tea. The Arcade Games were fun too. I played table hockey with Vikki and transformer gun game with Richard.
Next came Laser Strike. We put on a vest that had flashing lights on it a gun. The lights on  my vest were blue. I had to shoot the people that had red lights. We had to run and hide  and  has chase people. It was very exciting.

Pakuranga Plaza

We went to Pakuranga plaza to buy a hop card from the Lotto shop.
The lady scanned the cards in the machine. I took photos.

Alice in Wonderland

  We  went to St Kents college to see their show Alice in wonderland. Alice fell asleep. I liked the three singing flowers. I really liked the nasty Queen. There was a funny caterpillar that sat on a mushroom. Alice drank a potion to make her small and ate something to make her big. It was an awesome show.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Hollywood disco

Last  Friday  I went to a  disco at Tamaki .it  was a Hollywood  disco . 

we  had a  lolly scramble and popcorn.
the music was amazing I danced with my friends, there was  a red carpet and  fantastic lights,
i had  a  fabulous  time.