Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Mini golf day

On  Monday  we  went  to the  Mini  Golf  it  was  fun  day. We   went  for  lunch  at  szimpla.
I   ate a  beef burger for  lunch . We  said  thank you to   Tash   for letting us  work, it  was awesome.

V8 Pukekohe

I saw V8 cars. It was noisy. We saw a car with Richards name on the side of it. I got a cool poster. It was such a fun day.

Te tuhi art center

 The other week we  went  to Te  Tuhi Art  Center . I made a cool  picture. We  were  given  plastic  sheets. I covered  it  in  black paint . On dry  paint  I  traced  around  a letter. With  a pencil .I also drew  waves.  I  used a nail to  scratch  off the black paint  so  you could  see my pattern.  I  had   to be  careful it took a long time.


Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Amazing pak Race

Amazing  pak Race 

We went to pakuranga  pegasus
we had  to look at maps 
we  looked at  pictures to
help us.
we had to Stay  with our 
we had  to take  selfies
with  the  camera.
we took  photos with  a  camera.
 we had  a  Sausages  sizzzle for lunch. My team won a gold medal.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Dress smart

Last week we went to Dress smart. We got  into groups and looked for clothes to try on. I tried  on an XL shirt. It fitted  me perfectly. I think I looked really cool in it. We took photos of each other wearing nice clothes. After we finished at Dress Smart we went to a park for lunch. We had fun chasing each other around.    

Super Bowl

On Wednesday we went to super Bowl and Laser strike in Panmure. We had  to wear special shoes were  slippery . I then chose a heavy gold bowling ball we  had to roll it straight to knock down the pins. I got 2 Strikes. I thought the bowling was fun. After bowling we had our morning tea. The Arcade Games were fun too. I played table hockey with Vikki and transformer gun game with Richard.
Next came Laser Strike. We put on a vest that had flashing lights on it a gun. The lights on  my vest were blue. I had to shoot the people that had red lights. We had to run and hide  and  has chase people. It was very exciting.

Pakuranga Plaza

We went to Pakuranga plaza to buy a hop card from the Lotto shop.
The lady scanned the cards in the machine. I took photos.

Alice in Wonderland

  We  went to St Kents college to see their show Alice in wonderland. Alice fell asleep. I liked the three singing flowers. I really liked the nasty Queen. There was a funny caterpillar that sat on a mushroom. Alice drank a potion to make her small and ate something to make her big. It was an awesome show.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Hollywood disco

Last  Friday  I went to a  disco at Tamaki .it  was a Hollywood  disco . 

we  had a  lolly scramble and popcorn.
the music was amazing I danced with my friends, there was  a red carpet and  fantastic lights,
i had  a  fabulous  time.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Cleaning the garden

Last Friday we went to Lionel's friends house to weed her garden. I weeded along the side of the house and put the weeds into bags. I helped my friends put their weeds into a bag too. I swept  the drive way with a big  broom. We worked all morning and made it look beautiful. Lionel was so proud of us he bought us  fish  and chips for lunch. 

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Audrey2 the bloodsucker it was fun day

We went to St Kents to see a production about a plant that ate people. there was lots of Singing and dancing I really liked the 3 girls in the pretty dresses.the band was very good.  

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Anzac day

on  Anzac  day our  school 
got together and  had a 
service for   the  soliers 
the   had  died We said a prayer 
and   sang our national anthem A
man    played the bugle. I felt  happy 
that  we  could celbrate  Anzac  day  

badminton day

We practise badminton with a raquette and a balloon. We have to hit the balloon hard to make it float. I like it when I can hit the shuttlecoock over the net.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A funny day

On the weekend i went with Ben. We went to the cook islands to visit Jack Rock. He is a Coconut tree  cutter. Emma is going to  marry Ben.


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

100 Not out.

 Last Thursday we went to Cricket at Sir Thomas Bloodworth park. I hit the ball.  We played with the team. I got the ball in the hole in the net. We ate  sausage sizzle.


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Swimming around

We went to Pakuranga College on Thursday. We met the Peagsus class for a fun day. I liked the girls from Dio who helped us play basketball. This a picture of me playing in the pool. It was a hot and fun day.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Sweet as

I am  at   the  Somerville  cafe. I had  a   cup cake  with  lollies   on   the  top. I also had a milo with a marshmellow. My friends were the cafe staff. They were great.