Tuesday, 26 August 2014

What did you cook today ?

Kevin said “What did you cook today?”

Nathan said “I used the sandwich maker.
I put butter on the bread and then creamed corn.
When the sandwich was cooked I opened the sandwich maker and I put it on a plate.

I took it to the table and enjoyed eating my sandwich.
It was amazing! I loved the creamed corn! I ate it all!

Then I put the plate in the sink. I thanked Elly for helping me make my sandwich.”


  1. You were great at cooking Nathan!
    Your sandwich looked and smelt fantastic!

  2. You did a good blog post. It is making me hungry! Aidan

  3. Hi Nathan,You were very good at making your toasted sandwich. You were also great at using the sandwich maker safely. Was this you first time trying creamed corn?